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Meet younger women. Get my blueprint.

I spent most of my life listening to what other people told me to do.  Graduate high school. Graduate college. Get a master’s degree. Sit in a cubicle for the next thirty years and do as your told!I felt like a machine.

Do you know this secret to abundance in women?

When I finally understood the “Abundance Principle”… …I suddenly got women coming on to me. One day I was at the beach in Santa Monica, California. There was lots of water…and I was kicking the sand looking down at my bare feet, depressed. And I was thinking, why can’t I get women in my life? […]

Get women to approach you

  Women never approach me? If you’re like me… …sometimes you’re shy. Or, you are nervous. Or, you don’t feel like putting out the effort. So how can you turn the tables? How can you get women to approach you? By knowing… What stops women from approaching you The main reason women don’t approach men […]

How to Build Chemistry With Any Woman

Traci and Paul went around in the same circles, had some mutual friends, but didn’t particularly care for each other. Paul said, “I didn’t really like her that much. She was okay. But she isn’t my type.” Traci said, “Paul seemed kind of timid, kind of afraid. I didn’t really find him attractive to be […]

Unusual Primal Attraction Secret

This Unusual Animal Attraction Secret That Works on Women Too! So here’s the story. I’m at a conference and I’m circulating at a break, looking women and men in the eye, shaking hands. I introduce myself to this lovely lady who I can see from her wedding ring is taken, and she has that “married” […]