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The Mistake That Destroys First Dates (That Almost All Men Make)

One simple mistake can destroy a first date – turn it around and you’ll knock it out of the park every single time. I was a freshman in college. Somehow I convinced the prettiest girl I knew to give me that ONCE CHANCE. To come on a date with me. So I took her to […]

Beating online dating companies at their own game

Online dating is a rigged game. And in this article: I’ll tell you how to beat them at their own game… …but first you have to know HOW online dating is rigged. Did you know… …that some of the online dating sites don’t even have ANY real profiles of women? They pay women to make […]

Get women to approach you

  Women never approach me? If you’re like me… …sometimes you’re shy. Or, you are nervous. Or, you don’t feel like putting out the effort. So how can you turn the tables? How can you get women to approach you? By knowing… What stops women from approaching you The main reason women don’t approach men […]

How to ask for a date with a female friend without jeopardizing the friendship

We.  Need.  To.  Talk. Those four words. Everyone’s worst nightmare. Just writing them down makes me cringe. Everyone hates to hear them. Yet so many people still say them. You have feelings for a woman in your life. A friend.  Classmate.  Coworker. Maybe even your best friend. If you ask someone for advice you know […]

7 Things You Should Know About Dating A Younger Woman

1. Younger women are more adventurous So I’m in my 50s but I’ve been dating women in their early 20s and here is what I’ve learned so far. These young women are open…they haven’t been jaded by repeatedly being stabbed in the back by life. As a result they are willing to try just about […]