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Meet younger women. Get my blueprint.

I spent most of my life listening to what other people told me to do.  Graduate high school. Graduate college. Get a master’s degree. Sit in a cubicle for the next thirty years and do as your told!I felt like a machine.

Do you know this secret to abundance in women?

When I finally understood the “Abundance Principle”… …I suddenly got women coming on to me. One day I was at the beach in Santa Monica, California. There was lots of water…and I was kicking the sand looking down at my bare feet, depressed. And I was thinking, why can’t I get women in my life? […]

Beating online dating companies at their own game

Online dating is a rigged game. And in this article: I’ll tell you how to beat them at their own game… …but first you have to know HOW online dating is rigged. Did you know… …that some of the online dating sites don’t even have ANY real profiles of women? They pay women to make […]

Get women to approach you

  Women never approach me? If you’re like me… …sometimes you’re shy. Or, you are nervous. Or, you don’t feel like putting out the effort. So how can you turn the tables? How can you get women to approach you? By knowing… What stops women from approaching you The main reason women don’t approach men […]